Our Story

The idea for the The Wrapper Trapper® came while trying to enjoy a meal outside at a favorite local restaurant here in South Florida. With my current friend and business partner, Christine Rappolt, we were sitting in a booth at one of our favorite outdoor restaurants enjoying the sunshine with cold beers in front of us, ready to embark upon a satisfying meal consisting of club sandwiches with clam chowder as appetizers. With the cold beer going down easily (a little too easily), we started off with the soup. We opened up our packages of crackers and having nowhere to place the wrappers and no server around to hand them to, we did what we all normally do, we hid the wrappers underneath the cups of soup until we were done.

After finishing the soup, our server came and picked up the soup exposing our little cellophane secrets. She placed the wrappers in our empty cups of soup and proceeded to walk away. Not two feet from where she started, the little cellophane birds took flight and landed once again on our table. Chuckling while appearing a little agitated, she once again picked them up and put them back into the cups and proceeded to walk away. This time, having gotten no further away, the little rascals took to the air and landed on the ground. With a shrug of her shoulders, our server decided enough of her time was spent on trying to properly dispose of the cracker wrappers leaving our cracker wrappers on the ground.

We were left there wondering if this was normal. Taking a closer look around our table, we saw that we weren’t the first ones to eat there that day. We were surrounded everywhere by not only cracker wrappers, but also straw wrappers, (pink, blue, and yellow) sweetener wrappers, napkins rings and other miscellaneous paper trash. Looking outside the restaurant, we saw this paper arsenal had worked its way outside as well and had effectively become litter.

Having worked in restaurants for many years, we understood that this was probably more a function of the wind; however, we knew that if we were sitting there looking at the mess on the ground, others must be doing the same and wondering about the cleanliness of where their food was being prepared. At that point, the light bulb went off! What if we could design an affordable solution to help restaurants not only change how their restaurants’ cleanliness was perceived, but design a product that would help clean up the environment while giving guests a more comfortable place to Eat Where It’s Neat; hence, the creation of the Wrapper Trapper®.

So that’s our personal story of how we got here today and why you’re reading this right now. We hope your guests enjoy using the Wrapper Trapper® as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. We always welcome your personal stories about your guests’ dining experiences and look forward to helping America to Eat Where It’s Neat.

- Scott H. Kline and Christine Rappolt